Software Development

iFrames Technologies provides a comprehensive range of web and software development services. Listed below are the core areas that we provide our services in

Web Application and Website Development

We possess vast experience in creating Web applications of various types, levels of sophistication and purpose. All our applications are delivered using the most up-to-date computer technologies and development principles. We have been involved in developing such applications as

  1. Real Time Trading Systems
  2. E-commerce Applications
  3. Content and Knowledge Management Applications
  4. Internet-oriented systems for Customer Relations
  5. Management (CRM-systems)
  6. Office Automation
  7. Database management applications
  8. Diverse websites of different level of complexity and sophistication

Software Development and Integration

Software Services provides bespoke software development services to clients. This division leverages the experience in building robust software applications and products. Detailed list of skills is given below.

Mode of engagement is fixed fee or T&M. These groups normally enter the SDLC with well defined requirements and continue through requirements analysis, design, development, testing to installation and support.

We provide complete solution including application hosting, application support, DBA support and other services through our partners.

Project Management and Business Analysis

Years of hands-on experience and the time-proven Project Management Methodology, which has been created to incorporate all the specifics of our company development process, guarantee that our project managers can successfully plan, oversee and guide virtually any project, no matter how large and challenging, that comes their way. Our project leaders possess strong technical skills, allowing them to take on an active technical management role as well as their Project Management role.

Moreover, it is vital that clients' business needs are correctly identified so that appropriate solutions to their business problems could be worked out. Our managers possess solid analytical skills and will work with you to achieve sufficient understanding of the structure and the dynamics of the organization in which a system is to be utilized and derive the system requirements needed to support the business goals of the target organization.

Website Design

We can create a smart and functional design for your new website or bring up to date with your current business requirements a website you already have. Our capable team would be happy to discuss your requirements and work with you to develop the most suitable solution.

We are proud to work in partnership with only top-quality web designers, who are highly professional in the field and, much more often then not, know what aspects yield the best returns in a particular area.

Technical Support and Maintenance

We provide technical support to all the applications that we have been involved in development of. IFrames Technologies technicians are available to provide 24/7 support and maintenance when so required.